2016 Australian National Junior Table Tennis Championships

Alice Spring, Northern Territory

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Player Name Results
AI, Belinda Results
ALEXANDERSSON, Matilda Results
ASLAN, Taylan Results
AVERS, Matthew Results
BAE, Hwan Results
BAE, Won Results
BAKANAY, Meena Results
BAKANAY, Zachary Results
BEDFORD, Mitchell Results
BELOKOPYTOV, Edward Results
BRADSHAW, Lavenia Results
CHAN, Hayden Results
CHANDRASENA, Samadhi Results
CHANDRASENA, Sidath Results
CHANG KEE, Shawn Results
CHEE, Matthew Results
CHEN, Celine Results
CHEN, Hank Results
CHEN, Joyce Ct Results
CHEUNG, Joshua Results
CHOW, Ethan Results
CONNOLLY, Briahna Results
CONNOLLY, Chloe Results
CONNOLLY, Tamika Results
CONNOR, Isabella Results
COSGRIFF, Luke Results
CUI, Alan Results
DAHL, Olav Results
DHOORIA, Rohan Results
DIXON, Xavier Results
DU, Sally Results
DUFFELL, Max Results
DUFFY, Jake Results
DVORANI, Mateo Results
EVANS, Richard Results
EY, Leyton Results
FOURRO, Brett Results
FREEMAN, Samuel Results
GARDNER, MacKenzie Results
GIN, Darian Results
GLASS, Harry Results
GLIESSERT, Joel Results
GOULD, Benjamin Results
GRACIAS, Chrysela Results
GREEN, Hayden Results
GREEN, Tahnee Results
GUSEVA, Marsha Results
HAN, Jerry Results
HARFOUCH, Kye Results
HARFOUCH, Luka Results
HARRIS, Joseph Results
HEAGNEY, Kobi Results
HERATH, Harshika Results
HO, Daniel Results
HU, Serena Results
HUANG, Dominic Results
HUANG, Hansen Results
HUANG, Tim Results
JIANG, Isabella Results
JIN, Cecile Results
JOSHI, Nitya Results
KAUR, Parleen Results
KELLY, Mia Results
KENNEDY, Max Results
KIELY, Shea Results
KIM, Noah Results
KIM, Sarah Results
KLOUBRA, Jakub Results
KOCJANCIC, Daniel Results
KOH, Lucy Results
LAM, Grace Results
LANDER, Benjamin Results
LANGLEY, Dyson Results
LEE, Alex Results
LEE, Harrison Results
LEE, Isaiah Results
LEE, Robert Results
LELIS, Kieran Results
LI, Alan Results
LI, Dolly (Xiaoshan Results
LI, Katherine Results
LI, Lani Results
LI, Richard Results
LI, Youman Results
LI, Zoe Results
LIANG, Bob Results
LIANG, Mike Results
LIM, Denise Results
LIM, Ethan Results
LIN, Roy Results
LITTLER, Richard Results
LOEKMAN, James Results
LOH, Phoebe Results
LUM, Nicholas Results
LUONG, Liem Results
LUU, Finn Results
LUU, Skyy Results
LYONS, Calden Results
MAHARJAN, Praharsha Results
MARTIN, Alan Results
MARTIN, Kelly Results
MASEN, Adam Results
MCCLYMONT, Reagan Results
MCDOWELL, Georgia Results
MCDOWELL, Kieren Results
MOORE, Jacob Results
MORGAN, Aaliyah Results
MUECKE, Jay Results
NEWTON, Georgina Results
NEWTON, Kate Results
NG, Kelly Results
NGUYEN, David Results
NGUYEN, Dylan Results
NGUYEN, Jennifer Results
NICOLAS, Holly Results
NIE, Mingxuan Results
OH, Katie Results
OH, Sue Bin Results
ONG, Jay Results
PAXTON, Archie Results
PERERA, Yuvini Results
QIN, Renjie (Jason) Results
QUAH, Chermaine Results
REDHEAD, Mitchell Results
REEVE, Daria Results
ROGERS, Mitchell Results
SCOTT, Leah Results
SESHIMO, Kai Results
SHI, Nathan Results
SIMPSON, Max Results
SONI, Bhavya Results
STEVELS, Mathija Results
SUBRAMANIAN, Adhithi Results
SUSSEBACH, Cedric Results
SUY, Cindy Results
SYCOPOULIS, Joseph Results
TAN, Yong-Xuan Results
TAN-KANG, Preston Results
TOWNSEND, Danni-Elle Results
TRAN, Rebecca Results
TRELOAR, Jayde Results
TRUONG, Jayden Results
UN, Celina Results
VAHL, Jules Results
VALENTINE, Katy Results
WALKER, Ellen Results
WANG, Angela Results
WANG, Chi Results
WANG, Richard Results
WEBB, Archie Results
WIN-SHWE, Sidney Results
WIRYAWAN, Kiko Results
WU, Aaron Results
WU, Michelle Results
WU, Rebecca Results
XU, Yiming Results
YEOH, Ellana Results
YEUNG, Alex Results
ZENAIDEE, Zaki Results
ZENG, Eric Results
ZENG, Johnny Xy Results
ZHANG, Antonia Results
ZHANG, Harry Results
ZHANG, Litian Results
ZHANG, Ray Results
ZHANG, Raymond Results
ZHAO, Adrian Results
ZHAO, Yilin Results
ZHENG, William Results
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